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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Help them on their journey

Sometimes people just quietly go about doing something epic, something amazing, something good. They choose to make a difference, and get on with the task.

And occasionally, it draws some attention.

Hopefully this post helps draw some attention.

Matt Broshat is slowly making his way clockwise around the United States. By bicycle. Unsupported. 

He's doing it to raise money for Young Life Capernaum, a branch of the Young Life charity ministry that focuses on disabled children. His goal is modest: $25,000 raised through pedaling some 11,000 miles solo.

I heard about Matt through his cousin, making a post on the Slowtwitch forum. He was starting out from Portland, OR, on August 8th. I read the post on the morning of August 9th. I looked at his route, and it seemed he was starting out by riding the Seattle-to-Portland route in reverse. Which, hey! just so happens to pass a couple miles from my house.

I made a contact through his website, and quickly got a reply. After some back-and-forth, it was all set up, and around 6pm on Thursday, Matt rolled into our driveway.

He was ecstatic over the prospect of a shower, bed, dinner, breakfast... Simple daily things most of us take for granted. After spending the previous night in his hammock, with sprinklers starting up around 2am, I can imagine that the accommodations were a considerable step up.

Matt is affable, unassuming, and humble. He isn't out to make any money for himself on this trip, it's all for the kids. He has been involved with Young Life for some 8 years, a third of his life already. His ride is completely self-supported.

Matt with my daughter before resuming his journey
on Friday morning.
I posted on Facebook after he resumed his journey on Friday morning, the next leg taking him into Seattle for the next day before turning east. I immediately got responses for folks willing to host him in Spokane, WA, and Bozeman, MT.

I saw in his route feed that he's in Spokane now -- hopefully with one of the volunteer hosts.

I wish Matt well, a safe journey, and generous people along the way.

Take a look at Matt's proposed route, and if you're near, consider hosting him for the night. Or even offering a lunch, a cold drink, some encouragement. And maybe a donation to his cause.

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