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Monday, July 28, 2014

Looking at the mountain -- RAMROD thoughts.

I took a nice ride yesterday at about mid-day, just under 30 miles, nothing too strenuous or long, no big hills. A sunny early-afternoon jaunt.

Several points afforded me great, clear views of Mt Rainier. It was one of those days with very little haze, and you could see from the 14,400 ft summit all the way down to the lower foothills.

It made me think of the route that the riders of RAMROD will be taking in just three short days. 150+ miles, and a good 10K ft of climbing in one day of glorious (and grueling, on some stretches) riding.

I'm doing a favor for an online acquaintance -- his wife was drawn in the RAMROD lottery, and they had to ship her bike out from Massachusetts. I volunteered to put her bike together for her (and also disassemble it for return shipping). It arrived on Friday, and it's ready for her arrival in town today. As I took it out of the shipping box, I was impressed -- custom titanium Spectrum with SRAM Red. Tasty. And very light. It should be a steed for making the circumnavigation of Washington's tallest peak.

I'm not sorry that I'm not doing the ride this year. Quite frankly I think I'm done with it. It's a great ride, and who knows I may change my mind at some point, but I've done it three times, and I know my fastest time is well behind me.

Good luck to all the RAMRODers. It looks to be a nice, sunny, warm day. Drink lots -- you'll want that on board come the Cayuse Pass climb.

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