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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I think I'm a quart low...

That's what I said as I wrung out my socks.

Some days I question my own sanity. Today is one of those days.

Usually, I don't like to start a ride outdoors if it's raining. If it starts raining after I'm already on the road, then fine, I'll gut through it. Rule 5 for me has limits.

For my lunchtime rides at work, if it's not raining bad I'll opt for riding off-road. If it IS raining hard, I'll skip it and do some time on the trainer at home.

Today, I just decided to do it anyway. After the first 10 minutes, it just doesn't matter anymore, right? I mean, wet is wet. What, are you gonna get MORE wet?

All those puddles and low spots that had finally dried out were full again, though thankfully the ground has had a chance to firm up, so it wasn't a total slog-fest.

Glasses got relegated to the pocket within 2 miles. Gloves were dripping by the time I got to 30 minutes.

After the ride, I put all the wet clothes into a plastic bag and then into my gym bag. I think that now weighs 20 pounds.

Hopefully my shoes will dry by tomorrow.

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Chris Bonner said...

Wet is wet, but soggy feet really kill morale.