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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Friday Tidbits

Yes, I know it's not really Friday. But it's MY Friday. I have tomorrow off.

So there.

* We've been a one-car family since last Saturday, when we sold my wife's car. That means I've been riding to work (bike or motorcycle) the past four -- okay, three and a half so far -- days. And being January, that means it's been raining. Last week was nice... At least it hasn't rained in the morning. My wife has been good about offering to drive me, but I'm not keen on having her get up when she doesn't need to, waking up the baby and all, just to trundle me off to work. Besides, Rule #5 and all.

* I'm about to order up the tubes for my first two solo bike builds. One for my wife, an all-road model built on 24" wheels (507mm for those who speak ETRTO), disc brakes, and 1x10 gearing. The other is a push bike for my young daughter, for when she's big enough to straddle the thing. Just a couple more tools and I'll be ready. Exciting times...

* Taxes are already filed with the IRS. I have to adjust my deductions for 2014, so I don't give so much money for the government to make interest on all year. Sure, it's nice to get a financial shot-in-the-arm, but that could have been used for other purposes throughout the year as well.

* Less than two months until the Elbe Multi-Strada Loop ride. I'll be going out to do a recon on the dirt roads soon. I'm pretty excited to see how this ride goes, as I've got more planned for next year, with some exciting possibilities that could include some national attention. 

* Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my nephew who's going through a rough patch now. Chin up, man. It gets better. Take a ride in the mountains, see the vastness of the world. Great things will come out of it all.

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