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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

With all the trimmings

I'd like to talk about food. Good food. The kind that you're not supposed to eat.

You know what I'm talking about -- high fat, high cholesterol, high sodium... but OH SO GOOD!

Last Friday my wife went with me to take my new bike frame (yes, there WILL be a build post coming soon) to the powder coater. On the way back we decided to make a stop at one of the places she found on the "cheap eats" list.

Van's Burgers is a tiny place. It's a drive-up-only trailer with a loop of pavement around it, out in the middle of NOwhere along the Yelm Highway, next to a golf course. No indoor seating. In fact, no seating at all. You bring it with you -- it's called your car. 

As we were driving there, I was doubting that the navigation app on my phone was taking us to the right place. Suddenly, there it was...

The sign said "worth the wait", and though we had to wait a good 20-25 minutes to make it to the head of the line, it was, indeed, worth the wait.

We perused the menu on their web page... Oh yes! I decided to go a little off-menu and ordered the breakfast sandwich -- fried egg, FOUR strips of bacon (BACON!), lettuce, tomato, and mayo -- and add a hamburger patty. Kind of a whole-farm meal.

That whole thing came to $6, and rivaled anything from the big burger houses like Red Robin or Billy McHale's.

We also got an order of "Frings", which is half onion rings and half french fries. These onion rings were the second best I've had in the last several years (first place still goes to a little bar in Linton, OR, called The Lighthouse Inn).

So if you're in the neighborhood of "just a little past nowhere" Yelm, Washington, or even if you're within five miles or so (or more), it's worth the effort to find this little gem along the side of the highway.

Van's Burger
7725 Yelm Hwy SE 
Olympia, WA 98513

(360) 412-8267

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