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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Engi-nerdy love!....and motivation!

Lisa continues her September contributions:

I lived in Chicago suburbs and Dave lived (and still does) near Tacoma, WA - when we "met". We met online...on

Dave first sent me a message...a few weeks later I was on a plane to spend New Year's Eve in Seattle. I had never been on the west side of the Rockies. So it was a good little trip for me! (I was barely there for 24 hours - I worked the day before and after.) We had talked for hours and hours on the phone prior, but of course once we were actually meeting in person - we both said very little :-)

We had some things in common, we were both Mechanical Engineers - but in very different fields - both (tried) to be active, had a similar sense of humor....etc.

A few months went by, with both of us racking up a few frequent flyer miles. I wasn't really enjoying my job - so I gave my notice and brought the 2 kitties on a long plane ride! (It was of course a bumpier plane ride..but they had each other to cuddle!)

He is a very patient and amazing man - with me. Not always so patient with others! [mostly this applies to telemarketers] But we greatly differ in our motivations to exercise. I pretty much exercise to be able to eat more. Or eat the same and lose weight. Dave exercises because it keeps him sane. (He gets pretty grouchy when he hasn't!) I can't say I really "enjoy" working out...but I know Dave does.

Why is it that 2 people- who are similar - are so different? It also brings up the point that motivation comes from different places for different people. I need external motivation (and I'm an extrovert...hmm...I bet there is a correlation!) I am consistently inconsistent with my exercise. I need a goal, a race to train for. (Funny enough, I don't actually like racing, but I'll get into that later.) Even with a race - I'm not always that great about training!

I guess the key is finding something you like to do. The problem is that I don't like to do anything for very long. So I guess that's where triathlons fit in - gives me something different to do each day! For a sprint, I usually train 5 days a week doing each discipline 2 times.

Another problem I have - not only needing an external motivator - I can't have something that is too far away. Or else I procrastinate or lose interest. This may make it difficult for me to do anything longer than a 10K...however, something that may work for me is to cross-train during the "off season". This month I am trying to do each of the aerobics, cycling, yoga classes offered at our local Y. (I'm not planning on doing the "low-impact" things.)

So while I try to keep variety and motivation....I wish my wonderful husband would figure out how to exercise FOR me.

Dave & My finish together - 6/30/12
(There were only 4 people in the "Retro" division - so we tied for 3rd :-D)
Photo by Image Arts Photography

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