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Thursday, June 28, 2012

It was a good break

After spending a week away from my bike... I rode in to work this morning.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to ride while we were in Illinois, so I did a monster stationary trainer session on Monday evening (started at 7:30, and finished just before midnight), and then another hour on Tuesday morning before picking up my daughter from her last day of school and heading to the airport. In that time I watched 3 movies...

But the weather in Illinois was beautiful. Sunny, temperatures in the mid- to high-80's. Of course far more humid than what we get around Seattle, and windy. I got two runs in, a couple swim sessions, and generally not good sleep. No idea how much weight I gained with the constant over-feedings -- I'm still afraid to check.

Yesterday, the first day back, I went for a lunchtime run of 5.3 miles, and felt good -- pace almost dead on what I would consider "relaxed" before the shin issue that plagued the first half of the year. Temperature was 64 at the end, and I felt it was just barely warm enough for taking the shirt off.

But I'm keeping the bike focus for at least another month. No need to push the runs yet.

My plan is for a triple today -- ride to work, ride at lunch, ride home after work. One out of three done.

Saturday will be my first triathlon since Labor Day weekend 2011, and I'll be doing it along side my wife. We signed up for the "Retro" division so that we could start in the same wave. Which also means no wetsuits, and no aero equipment on the bike. Speedo's are optional for those who want the true retro experience. My wife has already vetoed that idea. I wish I still had my original Oakley Factory Pilots...

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