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Friday, April 6, 2012

24 hours to go...

In just 24 hours, Lucky Cause Sports will open its day-of registration for its first event, the 4k-7k on 4/7. Rather convenient how that worked out, eh?

It's been a little harrowing, a little exciting, and more than a little bit of work to get it to come together.

We picked up a sponsorship from Altra Zero Drop Footwear (!) for our first two events, which includes a free pair of shoes to a lucky recipient at each event. Makes me want to enter the race myself...

So tomorrow is an early morning (for a weekend) to get the race venue set up, and the turn-around point with water. We've already exceeded last years complete participation in just pre-registers as of last night, so I'm going to be pro-active and call it a success.

It's not going to be a major-flash event, but it should be fun. The weather forecast looks to be cooperating (we really lucked out last year, too).

Counting down the hours...

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derscott said...

Excellent! Best of luck, David!