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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here comes the sun! (do-n-do-do)

Sun! Solar radiation! Vitamin D!

I ran on Monday, and it sucked. SUCKed! S.U.C.K.E.D.

No, my shin didn't hurt. Well, it was a little sore afterwards. I didn't crash, run into anything, step on anything I shouldn't have, or overdo it.

But there was a driving rain at 45 degrees when I started, which swiftly became a driven mix of rain and snow at 40 degrees by the time I got just over a half-mile out. And I was only doing a mile and a half. I still stayed out long enough to do my 25 pushups and 10 pullups after running my short loop, but my face was numb long before I got back. My wife commented that night that my face looked a little wind-burned.

But today... TODAY! Yeah, the day started out cold at about 25 degrees, but it was dry for the last day, enough so that I was fine riding my motorcycle into work this morning. And even though the temperature was only at 42 degrees when I went out, the same route today was a total one-eighty from Monday. Warm-feeling! Sunny! Enough that I went back in for sunglasses before I started out.

The sunshine does so many good things for my mood, too. I live for summer, warm temperatures, sweat, and not having to wear three layers.

This Sunday is when most of us set our clocks ahead one hour. For those that do morning workouts, there's the darkness issue (all over again). But for the rest of us, it means more daylight after work!


Still a bit early to be relying on nice weather. And I still don't have fenders on my road bike. But I definitely prefer this time of year for the daylight savings time shift. And it seems like the four minutes additional we get every day this time of year is much more usable.

Doesn't hurt that my work day is over by 3:00 most days...

Time to pile on the miles! On the bike anyway.

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