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Friday, December 9, 2011

It's official -- Lucky Cause Sports!

I've alluded to some coming changes in recent posts, and the time has come to reveal what's going on.

You may have noticed on the Favorite Places list at the bottom of this page a new link to Lucky Cause Sports (also on Facebook!). Well...

It's official. Lucky Cause Sports is on its way to being a non-profit race promotion company. Last night was the first meeting of the board, with the ratifying of the needed documentation and election of officers. The next steps are to file the Articles of Incorporation with the state, and then file with the IRS for 501(C)(3) status for tax exemption.

Why? We wanted to use sports, especially running and triathlon, to mutually benefit the athletes and some great causes.

We have the experience of hundreds of races as participants, as well as having done the timing and race-day logistics for over 30 events in the last year, and also promoting/executing an event from conception to final accounting.

We've already got two races scheduled, with registration open. We're planning on having six to seven events for 2012, and even more for 2013. We're in the process of securing sponsorship both for individual races and the entire season, our first being Nathan Sports.

Our first event is on February 11th, a two-person relay where the runners start out at the same time, but in opposite directions on the course. When they meet, they do the exchange, then turn around and re-trace their steps back to the start/finish.

The second is a 4K/7K on April 7th (4/7... get it?) to benefit Corner of Love, a charity that gives aid to San Ramon, Nicaragua.

I know there's a lot of hard work ahead of us, but I think we have the experience and drive to make it happen.

You'll see more entries on this blog updating under a new subject "RD Life", on events and such, as well as some lessons learned along the way -- things that may help you appreciate what goes into making those events happen a little more. And who knows, maybe you'll want to put on one of your own some time.

If you're in the Seattle/Tacoma area, come check out the races.

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Quincy Fleming said...

This is so brother is a big cyclist and lives in Seattle so I'll make sure he knows about your events. Q