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Friday, November 4, 2011

Skechers GoRun, maiden voyage

Just got back from my first run in these shoes. It was a 5.3 mile route that I take routinely, which has a mix of just about everything -- pavement, gravel, rocky hard-pack, grass, dirt, hills...

The shoes felt great. My pace was consistent with my effort for the loop, and right in my normal range.

One of the biggest issues I've had with most shoes is the width of the toe box. As in the TOES, not the ball of my foot. These shoes have enough room, and the upper material is flexible enough that it doesn't inhibit toe movement. They also have a very light feel, both in the hand and on the feet.

I did notice on steeper downhills that when I shifted my foot strike to the heels, they felt like they were bottoming out. Heel strikers beware.

The only other issue was that the sole picked up a couple little rocks, and when I got onto (wet) pavement, my left shoe sounded like a frog croaking with each footfall, until I popped the rock out of there.

In the longer term I'll be able to evaluate how the shoes wear, and also will give them a go sockless. They're seamless inside, but with the temps at 40 degrees with some rain, I didn't feel like going there yet.

These shoes will definitely have a place in my rotation, along with the Altra Instinct and Merrell Trail Glove.


Unknown said...

Any soreness due to the unusual "rocker" construction? Just curious. I'll be taking a close look at these when I can find them in a store. Skechers, who knew?

brider (aka David) said...

A little residual sensation in my arches today, nothing I could even call soreness, but I've also spent most of the morning on my feet. No sorenessI at all in the calves. The GoRun has a VERY flat insole, which most of the minimalists will appreciate.