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Monday, October 10, 2011

To further something I wrote about a couple weeks ago...

Another rant.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about people doing the race-bandit thing at a benefit event, and how that's really not supporting the cause.

Well, yesterday I saw something that was even worse.

Now, I know that politicians are the most self-serving of humans out there. This should come as no surprise to any one. But I think they're so focused on themselves that they've lost some of their common decency.

My wife and I timed a small 5K/10K in Puyallup yesterday morning. The race itself went well, with the only real glitch being a woman who apparently registered for the 10K, but ran the 5K and "won" it. Problem is, unless she tells us, or the race director tells us, we have to go with the results from the information we have.

But in this event were several people wearing T-shirts from a certain politician running for local office. Okay, that wasn't so bad. I realize that these types won't pass up an opportunity to put their names in front of potential voters' faces, no matter how inappropriate it may be (and the one guy who ran carrying a campaign sign, which he put in front of his face at both the start and finish was just silly). But when one of those T-shirts crosses the finish line without a number... And then another one...

Not only does that say something about the integrity of the person who ran, but it also says something about the integrity of the campaign office, and by extension, the politician who they're boosting. It doesn't matter to me that eight others wearing the same T-shirt had numbers and had paid their way into the race, those two did more damage in my mind than a hundred speeches or endorsements could undo.

Palmer, you just lost my vote.

Wish I could DQ them for life...

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