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Friday, May 13, 2011

I ran today!

I don't know why I picked today. My foot was feeling basically "normal" on Monday, and it continued to be so all week, so today seemed like a good day. Friday the 13th and all. Weather was great...

How did it go? Quite well, actually. I felt the foot, but there was no pain at all. I'd had a bout of calf cramps all Sunday night, and I'm still feeling some stiffness. That was the only issue throughout the run. I ran one of my most common lunchtime routes, 4.6 miles, in the Altra Instincts. I think I'll keep these as my primary shoe for a couple weeks or so -- the added midsole thickness will provide some support and protection to finalize the healing.

Pace-wise, it was pretty much right where I left off -- 7:54 that felt very easy. So it would appear I haven't lost much, if anything. We'll see how it goes when I try to go longer.

But I'm just ecstatic that I'm back to running.

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derscott said...

Congrats! Welcome back to running!